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Over the last years, the value of this expertise for application in larger populations, including earlier stages of renal impairment, patients with heart failure, high risk groups with diabetes and/or primary cardiovascular disease, and hypertension and overweight in the general population has been increasingly recognized.

Thus, nephrology serves as a resource for expertise on lifestyle-monitoring and -management, that has immense innovative potential for elaboration outside the domain of advanced renal disease, into the domain of healthy ageing for larger populations.

Therefore, effectively targeting chronic loss of renal function and its complications requires a multifactorial approach and a lifetime perspective in order to be able to account for the specific characteristics of each of the subsequent stage where each stage also carries the heritage of the preceding stages.

This multifactorial approach should identify synergistic targets for treatment, including both pharmacological and non-pharmacological (lifestyle and nutrition) interventions.

It ranges from mild, asymptomatic loss of function associated with normal ageing, to progressive decline associated with high cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, eventually necessitating renal replacement therapy by dialysis or renal transplantation.

Even after renal transplantation, the process of progressive loss of function associated with increased cardiovascular risk continues to dictate outcome.

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In this research line calcification propensity and the interaction between vitamin D status, sodium intake and the renin angiotensin system is studied to design novel integrated renoprotective strategies in chronic kidney disease (CKD, PI M. Within this context, the main aims of the program are to: To this end, the program covers the full range of investigative approaches, from basic science, via experimental and clinical intervention studies to clinical implementation, and dissemination in clinical care and society. Experimental studies aimed at dissecting underlying pathophysiological mechanisms in animal studies, in in vitro cell culture conditions and in the human experimental set-up. Intervention studies including pharmacological intervention, lifestyle intervention and a combination of these.The effect of loss of renal function for the functioning of other organs such as the heart is studied here and the bi-directional interaction of the kidney with the heart has been designated as an area of focus. The importance of the crosstalk between the kidney and other organs, such as the heart, is acknowledged and collaborative efforts to facilitate multidisciplinary researchprojects in this area are encouraged.This collaboration has resulted in a number of publications in high-tier journals (e.g. The ultimate goal of the program is to define and test targets for treatment in man and to subsequently study pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions As noted above, a longitudinal, lifelong approach, spanning different stages of the lifeline, is at the core of research on progressive renal function loss and its complications.We produce content across four core areas: How could you expect anything less?

In fact the photo above was taken from one of the tables at their wedding. Which does what it says on the tin, connecting Star Trek fans with one another, because sometimes it's difficult to be a sci-fi geek in a world of reality TV lovers.The current Groningen Kidney Center (GKC) is the continuation of the Groningen Institute of Kidney Disease (GIKD), known for the PREVEND cohort study and for its participation in major intervention trials.