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Your donations make it possible to continue to evolve and provide our community with a home to celebrate, heal, dream and organize.The Center was founded in 1983 to fortify and enrich the LGBT community.It wasn't the easiest thing but it wasn't too bad either. After that, the crowd and the heat overwhelmed us both, so we snuck from the big field to the lake on the other side. But not for the typical reasons, not because I am afraid, or because I am in denial.

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My story is long because I have known that I was gay almost all my life but I will stick to the main points.

teens between 13-17 All you do is ask for love and wanting a boyfriend which is understandable cause your young I get it. I knew I was gay in 8th grade but I had pushed it back because I didnt want to accept it then 10th grade I just let it take over me and i kept that secret for half of 11th grade as I finally fully accepted myself I started to tell my friends over winter break and now most of them...

There's always been a part of me troubled by the label 'Gay'.

so i live in a homophobic country and i've been through many ups and downs, but the good new is that i'm mostly out now to those...

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"I could just lay here all night and watch the beautiful girl beside me sleep.

the guy of my dreams actually showed up at my window and surprised me with these beautiful flowers...