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Anicons Anicons, or animated icons, are the Chat ON version of stickers.

Unlike other apps, all Chat ON stickers are animated. Many anicons feature fun characters to help express different emotions and situations to buddies.

A user can put moving emoticons on his face, overlay cartoon view and theme view, such as the mustache frame, during a video chat.

Theme Customization In the cases of Android (Chat ON 3.0 or later) and Bada, users can download various font styles for free and apply them in the chat room.

Receivers see translated messages only, and senders see original and translated messages altogether.

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When in use, it provided services such as voice/video chatting, translation, Post ON, Anicon, Animessage, SMS/MMS exchanging feature, as well as basic services such as buddy registration, chatting and multimedia sharing.

Whisper is different from group chat in that a user is able to send a message individually to someone joined in the group chat.

Also, users can set push alarms for every chat room.

Multiple windows on PC screen, which is wider than mobile, facilitated chat with buddies and share contents.

Usage of the web client was tied to a Samsung account instead of a phone number, and buddy lists from mobile accounts could be imported to the web client.A user can share his mobile screen with other buddies by pushing the share screen button during a video chat.