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15-Nov-2017 11:10

He claims he is “attracted to children, but unwilling to act on it.” Later he explains: For better or worse — mostly worse — we have this sexuality, and unlike with most sexualities, there is no ethical way we can fully actualize our sexual longings.

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The fundamental premise of Nickerson’s thought is that children are in many cases not harmed by having sex with pedophiles.

After all, no responsible parent would wait until a child was eighteen to broach the subject. This is why, when people say things like, “How can pedos be a good judge of my child’s readiness for sex?

” I find such statements or questions to be ironic at best.

If you question the veracity or context of these quotations, please feel free to read for yourself.

These quotations have also been archived in case Nickerson or others try to suppress them or scrub them from these forums.

This is the typical progressive argument: people aren’t scarred by immoral actions; they’re just scarred by societal attitudes.

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