Updating to vista whats the rush im dating an older man

13-Nov-2017 14:10

Why not stick with an older version of the product then?

Two reasons: 1) you only get customer support if you stay current and 2) if you need to work with other people using the same program older versions are often incompatible with newer versions, so if anybody is using the newest version then everybody must upgrade.

It's also Microsoft's way of convincing consumers that their newer product versions are better because they are so much bigger.

Their new features are often superfluous but users must still deal with the overhead required by the features even though most will never use the features.

Once a small number of users adopt a new version of a Microsoft product all other users are pressured to upgrade lest they are unable to interact with files produced by the newer program.

Dan Martinez summed up the situation created with the incompatibility in subsequent versions of Word when he said "while we're on the subject of file formats, let's pause for a moment in frank admiration of the way in which Microsoft brazenly built backward-incompatibility into its product.

However, in an incredibly rare display of honesty, Microsoft has published on its very own website an article which calls the backward incompatibility in certain versions of Internet Explorer as being a "horrible drain" on companies.

(The article doesn't deride Internet Explorer by name, but it's clear that the browsers it refers to are Internet Explorer and Netscape.) Interestingly, this article also serves as an equally rare full admission of guilt that Microsoft makes a practice of releasing incredibly bug-ridden software.

How did Microsoft reward its customers that made the effort to switch?

The new features and the increased processing requirements are designed to fuel the process of perpetual upgrades.

This is Microsoft's way of rubbing Intel's back so that Intel will give Microsoft preferential treatment when it comes out with new chip specs.

Don't let your old equipment gather dust - older machines make great IP Masquerading routers (which allow you to connect multiple computers to the internet at once using only one phone line or cable modem) or great machines for checking email and chatting online.

If you can't use your older equipment yourself, rest assured that somebody out there (such as your local school) could put it to very good use.If it is no longer available by the time you get to it, you can search for it under the title of "When Is Software Ready? Perpetual upgrading encourages Microsoft to ship bug ridden products because they can always charge for the upgrade after the bugs are fixed.

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